Terms & Conditions

All prices and discounts, occurring in our articles, adverts, quotations, orders listed (including backorders), etc. are not binding and may change without prior notice. Unless otherwise agreed, the prices are quoted including VAT.
Pictures, drawings, dimensions and weight, etc., which we provide to our shop, we are not binding and are only intended to give a general idea of ​​what we offer. Deviations shall not entitle the buyer to receive or to refuse payment of the goods or no compensation for us to demand.
Product Delivery:
The products we supply are in accordance with the order, and that the order is filled by copper.
Delivery times:
Compared specified or agreed time of delivery is that they only approximately indicated by us. Although the delivery is always tried to meet as many times, we are not liable for the consequences of excess. Such delay gives the purchaser the right to receive payment of the goods or to refuse or no compensation for us to demand.
Before shipment of our products, the product must be paid in full. Articles in our stock may be paid in full on collection.
The cost of shipment and transportation of our goods are payable by the buyer. If the buyer a special delivery method is required, the extra costs also accounted for. For express shipments, all expenses paid by the buyer.
Subsequent deliveries:
For orders, which can not be fully implemented, the cost of sending the remainder of the order at the expense of King's Electronics Import.
It is our aim all deliveries as soon as possible to deliver to the customer whether they know to bring order to the exchange of goods in respect valuable time can happen. No liability can be accepted for any damage however caused by non-delivery or delay.
The shipments, even free service will be the buyer's risk.
Of goods supplied by us we do not assume any warranty obligation unless that word from the manufacturer. Of any such warranty in respect of goods supplied by us, we the informed buyer if desired. Any warranty claims of purchaser supplied by us, however, only and only be accepted if the claim brought by us motivated and is considered valid.
Goods are only after our approval, reversed. When these are found by us of a return, a similar product delivered or is entitled to a voucher worth the purchase price. Special offers and / or bargain can not be returned or can not be exchanged. Returns, as well as goods for warranty evaluation or repair will be sent, and should be free to risk of the sender to be sent to our address and always accompanied by invoice. Consignments must be pre-advised. Failure to comply with these conditions, we reserve the right to refuse shipments.
Heir Force:
If, beyond our circumstances, whether it is the conclusion of the agreement whether or not foreseeable which are such, that we not reasonably comply with the agreement may be requested, we are entitled to the contract in whole or partially cancel, without being opposite party to pay compensation are tied. In circumstances as above mentioned, to include: war and violence, full or partial mobilization, and export bans, measures of Belgian and / or foreign government agencies, the implementation of the agreement for our problematic and / or more expensive than this at the conclusion of the agreement.
Furthermore, strikes, fires, epidemics, traffic jams, currency changes, ...
In this Article shall also apply if such circumstances arise with respect to manufacturers, importers and other traders from whom we own the property involved.
For all disputes relating to or arising out of or related to our quotations and agreements with us, only the courts.
Complaints registered on our invoices must reach us within 8 days after the invoice date. After this period, no complaints will be accepted.